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Jul 03, 2022

If you have been lucky enough to pop down to the best craft beer pub in Digbeth this weekend you may have noticed something different at the bar!

If you are a beer fan your eyes would have been drawn to our shiny new yellow badge on our draught taps. I am of course talking about Brooklyn Lagers new additon to their line up, Brooklyn Pilsner Crisp Lager!

Brooklyn Pilsner is a refreshing golden lager beer, brewed in the style favored by New York’s pre-prohibition brewers. In the 1840’s, the pilsner style emerged from central Europe to become the world’s most popular style of beer. Like its ances...

Jun 22, 2022

Since The Floodgate opened in Birmingham, it’s quickly become renowned for good food, good drinks and lots of fun. Describing itself as a competitive socialising, “drink and do” venue, the business combines games such as bleachers baseball, pit-pat table golf and curl club curling with an extensive list of drinks and food. All the ingredients for a great night out!

We first put a spotlight on the team behind Floodgate back in 2019 when they were newly opened. They’ve been thrown more than a few curveballs since then. We caught up with Co-Founder Chris again, over two years into their venture t...

Jun 09, 2022

It's official Birmingham, Floodgate Street in Digbeth is amazing! But that will not be news to those already in the know.

We have everything at everyturn, colours, lights, community, culture, art, graffiti, soul & craft. Digbeth really screams independance, from shops, bars, cafes, barbers and everything inbetween. 

If you have not been to Digbeth, make sure you get it on your staycation list. 


Best for nightlife and street art

Set underneath hulking coal-grey railway arches, Digbeth’s industrial-chic seems almost tailor-made to show off Birmingham’s exceptional street art and was even...

Jun 06, 2022

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last month you will know we have just had the Queens Platinum Jubilee. This marks her Royle reign of 70 years (thats a long time by anyones standards)

Over the weekend this has now been called for better or worse; Platty Joobs (aka #PlattyJoobs). We love an acronym in the UK, anything to save time speaking and squash those damn words together. 

We had a awesome time at The Floodgate celebrating her majesty, welcoming our batters, ballers and PitPat'rs with our limited edition #PlattyJoobs cocktails. The big hits of the weekend was the Fizzy Lizz...

May 30, 2022

2 Banks holidays in a week Birmingham, yes you heard it right! We have Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday off. 

A four day straight holiday only usually happens at easter but we have one in June aswell.. Win Win.

The UK's current Queen, Elizabeth II, has had three major jubileesher Silver in 1977, Golden in 2002 and Diamond in 2012. (There were Ruby and Sapphire Jubilees in 1992 and 2017 respectively, although these were more modest affairs).

The Floodgate will be getting all royal and raising a glass of fizzy for Lizzy this weekend, look out for crazy limited editon cocktails and events ov...

May 24, 2022

We are so pleased and humbled to have made Grapevine's 'The Best Gaming & Activity Bars in Birmingham' list for 2022.

Birmingham & Digbeth have so much to offer the community, it makes it easier to deliver an awesome experience when surronded by amazing creative people and business alike.

With music, art, culture, food, drink and games there really is something to do at every turn. 

The full amazing line up is as follows;

  • The Floodgate Birmingham
  • The Big Bake Birmingham
  • MeetSpace VR
  • DropShot Digbeth
  • 180 Club
  • Roxy Ballroom
  • Sixes Birmingham
  • Roller Jam Digbeth
  • Ghetto Golf
  • Chance Encounters
  • NQ64
  • ...

May 20, 2022

Well Well Well Birmingham, I am sure we can all agree there has been something missing in our lives for the last 7 years.

It is of course the one and only water feature at Floozie in the Jacuzzi based in the famous Victoria Square. The statue has been the centre piece of the square for almost 28 years. in 2015 the tub was turned into a giant flowerbed as attempts to repair Floozie went on. Birmingham have been undertaking many projects to smarten up the city for the up and coming Commonwealth games this summer.

As the big red button was pushed by the mayor, the crowd went wild, or at least the...

May 03, 2022

Look what had just landed in Digbeth, NEW! Au Vodka Pineapple Crush. The taste of summer has arrived.

Our friends over at AU do not need any introduction, they have been producing some of the purist, ultra clean tasting vodka on the market over the past few years and have just dropped their brand new flavour. One sip of this banging yellow spirit will transport you straight to a caribbean beach wearing a hawaiian shirt (all while blocking out the Birmingham rain, its mind over matter trust us).

So if you are looking for the best troipical experience in Birmingham look no further than The Flood...

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