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Birmingham's Best Value Night Out: Why Floodgate Reigns Supreme

Jan 17, 2022

What is the most important utility of the 21st Century?

It is more common for house movers to order Broadband/WIFI before they even consider contacting their gas or electricity provider. It truly is a sign of the times; we are a data hungry bunch. Whether it be social media such as Instagram, Facebook (Meta), Twitter or content such as Sky Sports to watch the football or just good old BBC news to catch up on the day.  

For our data hungry brains to get our dopamine fix, we obviously need to invite a 2nd guest to the party, it is of course...... you guessed it.... Electricity.  

If you are luck...

Jan 13, 2022

Who does not like Gold ? For those who remember their periodic table will know that AU is the symbol for the most precious of metals on earth!

AU Vodka probably does not need any introduction, as one of the fastest growing spirit brands in the UK this ultra smooth vodka has taken the world by storm. 

At The Floodgate we only work with brands that share our vision and values, and AU Vodka ticks all the boxes. Not afraid to think out of the box and try something different is what The Floodgate was founded on. In a similar vein AU Vodka are pushing the boundaries when it comes to amazing flavour ...

Jan 08, 2022

Calling all Batters, Ballers, Curlers, PitPaters, Drinkers & any other 'ers you can think of

The Floodgate are launching the sale of the century during the month of January 2022. Drinks offers so good that you will want to get out of those lockdown pyjamas, have a shower and get down to The Custard Factory in Digbeth. Could it be the best Happy Hour in Birmingham ? - We think so.  

So to start 2022 with a bang and inject some positivity into the new year we are offering 50% OFF (YES FIFTY PERCENT OFF) selected drinks through January 2022. So cancel those dry January plans, 8 days dry is enough...

Jan 05, 2022

As the temperature starts to drop in Birmingham, will be -5 (minus 5) on the mercury tonight, it reminds us the the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022 is just around the corner!

Running from Friday the 4th February until Sunday 20th February 2022 we are certainly in for a spectical that only comes around every 4 years.

Embroiled in polictical issues over the host China this year, we certainly hope it does not take away from the sports men and women who do thier talking on the slopes.

Arguably the most cult of the winter olympic sports is Curling. It has continued to gain more viewers and fans as eve...

Dec 31, 2021

As we approach the last sunset of 2021 I am sure we all have our 2022 resolutions and asperations ready in our heads to declare to our friends and family later. The usual entries are usually a bunch of ''less'' or ''more'' promises, such as; exercise more, go to the gym more, read more, drink less, see friends and family more, smoke less etc etc etc.

Whatever your promise to yourselves this year remember not to be too hard on yoursleves we have all had a very interesting year (x2). But its worth noting that choosing to invest in yourself is one of the best investments you can make.      

One o...

Dec 23, 2021

Well Birmingham what a year? ups, downs, sideways, loop the loops, we have had the lot. We send our love to all our hospitality brothers and sisters In what has been a tricky month for the industry. We are all being told to work from home and not to socialise but the bars (like us) remain open, a recipe for empty bar stools. 

I'm sure we all have mixed emotions as we pre heat the oven for the turkey (or nut roast) and start the draw the curtain on 2021. Hopefully to spend sometime with our nearest and dearest. The amazing science and availabiliy of vaccines + lateral flow tests hopefully mean ...

Dec 17, 2021

When The Floodgate was approached by the BBC a few months ago to be involved in some top secret filming we jumped at the chance.

We always have to remind ourselves how lucky we are to have a venue so photographic that it has been used in everything from Sky News Reports, Music Videos, Dating Shows, Weddings and now Masterchef !! - WOW!

HUGE congratulations to our very own Brummie Dan Lee who did a fantastic job fending of 31 other chefs and some top quality competition to lift the 15th Masterchef trophy. Dan managed to wow Michelin-starred Marcus Wareing, renowned chef Monica Galetti and Maste...

Dec 11, 2021

Whether you you live in the heart of Digbeth, Birmingham, West Midlands, U.K, Europe, the World, Solar System or even the Galaxy (takes a breath) this article is for you.

The Floodgate are super excited to be included on the Visit Birmingham guide, since opening the doors in 2019 we have been a proud independant business providing good times and lasting memories to our customers, or as we call them, Batters, Curlers & PitPat'rs. If you want to sample one of the best experiences in Birmingham, you have landed on the right page.

Visit Birmingham is part of the The West Midlands Growth Company wh...

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