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Budget Birmingham Christmas Night Out


History Of Christmas In Birmingham


Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas Market 2023

Oct 12, 2023

Make a spooky date this half term at The Floodgate with all the family. Children's halloween movies will be playing all day and prizes to be won for best dressed.

Oct 11, 2023

Birmingham, the UK's second-largest city, transforms into a vibrant hub of activities and attractions during the weekends, making it a fantastic destination for a weekend getaway or a relaxing break from the daily routine. Here's why Birmingham is a fantastic city at the weekends:

Oct 08, 2023

Whats Happening Birmingham, with only a few days to go we thought we would take the hassle out of you deciding what to wear this Halloween; Here are some of the best Halloween party costume ideas for 2023:

Oct 05, 2023

We thought we would conduct a little experiment here at Floodgate Towers to see what AI (Artificial Inteligence) thought of us. The question we asked was 'Is The Floodgate a good place to go' And this is what it said; Yes, The Floodgate Birmingham is a good place to go. It is a popular entertainment venue that offers a variety of activities, including baseball batting cages, UV curling, and PitPat table golf. It also has a large beer garden with seating, heating, shade, and games for over 150 people.

Oct 02, 2023

You have both swiped right on your dating app and the conversation is going well. Hopefully, at some point, someone will take the plunge and ask the other one out on a date #exciting! If they say yes, you are now on stage 2, where do you go? Should it be fancy and expensive, or should it be relaxed and chilled, is the place you choose a reflection of your personality? Will they approve So many questions and so little time. First dates can be tricky, you don't really know each other and don't want awkward silences or nothing to talk about until the nerves settle. Worry not, we have you covered. We get lots of first dates at The Floodgate and the reason for this is an activity is perfect for a first date. it gives you something else to focus on, it's a conversation starter and ice breaker and generally provides a good laugh when someone scores a point or makes a mistake. it's the perfect starter before grabbing some dinner and drinks.

Sep 29, 2023

We are sorry to mention the C word but it is only 87 days until CHRISTMAS (at time of writing)! If Phileas Fogg set off around the world now he would still be back in time to open his presents.

If you have drawn the short straw to organise your office Christmas Party this year then do not worry as we have you covered (if you live in the West Midlands that is). 

There are many inventive ways to show your colleagues a good time and be known for arranging the best night out ever! 


1) Read the room, are your colleagues more reserved (beware of the quiet ones) or full on downing a bottle of mulle...

Sep 25, 2023

Whats up Freshers? (and seasoned students). Here at Floodgate Towers we have been working on some new offers to make your student loans go further this year. Traditionally at The Floodgate we have only discounted our games for Student nights but we wanted to go further this year. That is why we are launching Whacky Wednesday & Thirsty Thursday were everything* is on sale. We have some amazing game & drink offers awaiting you. Cocktails & Shots 2-4-1 Beer 2-4-£8 Games (up to 40% off)

Sep 22, 2023

Birmingham is a great city for students, with a thriving nightlife scene and plenty of student nights to choose from. Here are a few of the best: Whacky Wednesday & Thirsty Thursdays @ The Floodgate. Get on down to Digbeth with your student card every Wednesday & Thursday. Games are up to 40% off, Cocktails & shots 241 & Pints are 2 4 £8.

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Fancy yourself as the next MLB star or even the next Birmingham bobcat? Well, you have come to the right place. With 6 amazing batting cages you will be able to swing for glory.



The Floodgate are thrilled to offer the UK’s first and only PitPat. What is PitPat you may ask? Well, If billiards and mini golf had a baby it would become PitPat.



Welcome to the one and only indoor & outdoor Curling lanes in Birmingham. The UV lights, rainbow slinkys, and pumping music await you



We have a large number of indoor/outdoor seating & tables throughout the venue. These seats can be used for gamers, spectators, drinkers, diners, and everything in between. They are on a first come first serve basis. Please contact us if you require a table booking (large groups only).

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