Hey batter-batter-batter-batter suh-wing batter!

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Batting cages, curling and table golf come to Digbeth

Fuzzy Duck. Touch the cup. “I have never.” We’ve all got our fave drinking games, but brand spanking new activity-packed bar The Floodgate is about to add to that list. The absolute LADS. If beers and baseball is your thing, you can take it to the Bleachers and slog it out in one of four batting cages. There’s neon, slinky-filled curling for anyone who thinks the Olympic event looks as easy as mopping duty during a kitchen close-down at The Square Peg. And you can be in the privileged position of playing the only Pit Pat UV of its kind in the UK (think crazy golf goes out clubbing with American pool and things go really well). Set to some proper good backdrops by local street artist, Gent 48, games cost from £10 to £50. Opening tomorrow (Nov 1), book.