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Thank you for playing the QR Google Review Floodgate Cup Game. YOU ARE A WINNER!

You are about to do battle with one of our Black Belt Rock, Paper, Scissors Staff. Please follow the below instructions;

  1. Call over a member of our staff or catch them on your next delivery of QR drinks & present your winning cup to them.
  2. Declare (out loud) ‘DO YOU FEEL LUCKY PUNK’ and had over your cup for inspection
  3. Let the battle commence, best of one game, on the count of 3, winning hand only (drawing hand also looses). 
  4. Winning hands will receive a lucky dip spot prize (including games, drinks, or food), + champion post on social media + eternal respect from their friends*.

rock paper scissors game instructions

As you will know we are a small independent business and we live for our reviews. If you have had a great time please don’t forget to leave us a review, by clicking here or scanning another cup

*Friends respect is not guaranteed