Tiny Rebel Beer At The Floodgate

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What’s up Birmingham?

As you will know, we are very passionate about our craft beers at The Floodgate. Over the coming weeks, we will bring you an in-depth guide and review of what beers we love & stock.

This week our top marks go to Tiny Rebel, with a fantastic array of amazing flavour profiles for any occasion they can be the perfect companion for a night of Bleachers Baseball, CurlClub Curling or a game of PitPat Table Mini Golf. From IPA’s, APA’s, Stouts to just a good cold pint of lager, we have you covered.

To start things off (in no particular order) we have PUMP UP THE JAM; The UK’s favorite Jam Doughnut Pale Ale.

Imagine pumpin’ doughnuts full of jam and then cramming those into a pale ale. This is the jammiest doughnut pale ale you’ll find in a can. Pump up the Jam – Stop drooling and just drink it.

tiny rebel pump up the jam

Next up, it’s STAY PUFT; The world’s most Instagram’d Marshmallow Porter.

Tiny Rebel wanted to take the traditional London Porter to the next level, so it felt like the perfect combination to stir millions of marshmallows into every brew of Stay Puft. Stay Puft – We Love Marshmallows!

tiny rebel stay puft

Up next is SHAKE DOWN: Tiny Rebels Tuscan Sunset in a can…

Deep Orange and bursting with Mangoes and Hops. Simply – Hazy Mango Juice!

What you waiting for; Shake Down – Mango / Juice / Haze

tiny rebel shake down

CWTCH (rhymes with butch) means a hug full of Love.

Tiny Rebel has selected the freshest Citra hops to give this traditional style a Tiny Rebel spin. We love a good Cwtch, and we’re not the only ones… Cwtch – Probably the best word ever.

tiny rebel cwtch

Last but not least is PEACHES AND CREAM

Peaches & Cream and a bucket load of hops. What’s not to like?

tiny rebel peaches and cream

So what are you waiting for? Get your tables & games booked here, and we will have some cold Tiny Rebels waiting for you.

Team Floodgate.