The Drink With A Thousand Names

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Beer, Lager, Cheeky Pint, Cheeky Half, Beverage, Bevy, Cold One, Tinny, Brewski, Bitter, Ale, Stout, and now even an Alcohol-Free or 0.0%.

Above are probably only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to names for the nation’s favorite drink, and one that we cant pour quick enough at The Floodgate. Birmingham loves beer, Lifford adores lager and Selly Oak craves a stout.

We keep a vast array of cold nectar to hand to satisfy and quench even the biggest thirsts; from Brooklyn Lager, Brooklyn Defender, Carlsberg, and our very own Bleacher Beer on tap. We even have an even bigger selection of cold cans and bottles in the fridge such as Tiny Rebel, Brewdog, Budweiser, and Corona (for the Vin Diesel and Fast and Furious fans) just to name a few.

So next time your taste buds and thirst receptors call out for something special, get yourselves down to Digbeth for a pint of the fizzy stuff.