The Floodgate Is The Absolut Best

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What does IKEA, ABBA, VOLVO & ABSOLUT VODKA have in common? They are not only market leaders in their field but they are also all Swedish!

The Swedes have been perfectionists for generations and produce a lot of global products, services, and even singers. For a relatively small population (10.3 million) they certainly punch above their weight.

That’s why when The Floodgate embarked on choosing our core line of drinks, it was no surprise that Absolut Vodka scored top marks in all categories. Considering Taste, Smoothness, Mixability & Value nothing comes close.

On the rocks, with a mixer, in a cocktail, it works every time. From Absolut Blue, Absolut Raspberri, Absolut Citron, or Absolut Vanilia it offers a different dimension every time.

If you frequent the best bars in Birmingham, the most amazing cocktail bars in Digbeth, or the greatest nights out in the Custard Factory you will always see this Scandinavian classic on the back bar.

So next time you are in town and fancy a game of Baseball, Curling, or PitPat Golf make sure you pair it with a fruity swede.