Best Birmingham Brambley Bab

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You’ve heard of Triple X (xXx), especially the Vin Diesel fans, But have you heard of Quadruple B?

Converting Hollywood explosions to taste bud explosions is our forte. The Floodgate can officially announce that we bring you the Best Birmingham Brambley Bab (bBBb). It will catch on (we hope).

Fusing Beefeater Gin, Bols Creme De Cassis, Lemon, Elderflower, Apple, and fresh Blackberries of course the finished product is a masterpiece. A versatile drink that is as good in Autumn as it is in the Winter. Warming notes of Blackcurrent & Blackberries it’s almost like a good Blackberry Crumble dessert.

Whether you are working up a sweat in Bleacher Baseball, Trying to stay cool in CurlClub Curling, or just trying to hit that Birdie in Pitpat Table Golf a Brambley may give you the edge*

So whether you’re from Brindley Place to Bournville, make sure you grab a Brambley on your next visit to the Custard Factory in Digbeth!

*Patent Pending 😉