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Birmingham's Best Value Night Out: Why Floodgate Reigns Supreme

May 02, 2023

You may be able to get the best craft beer, coolest cocktails and the best street food around every corner, but one thing has been missing to add to an already amazing line up. Have you guessed what it is? its Pick n Mix of course, served up by the one and only Crazy Candy Factory. When you need a oneway ticket to sugar town Pic n Mix candy is usually the only way to get there.

Apr 12, 2023

Interactive games and competitive (friendly) socialising have become a weekend (and weekday) staple in recent years. The thought of being able to zone out and relax after a tough day in the office is all too enticing. Adding an activity to that beer with a mate really sets the night off in the right direction. 
That's why The Floodgate is pleased to introduce some new 'speedy' arcade-style games to complement our current lineup. This means that you now have the option of having a 'quicky' before your main event game or just a cheeky game and a pint before hometime. 
Ever been ...

Apr 11, 2023

The Floodgate opened its doors 3.5 years ago (1249 days for the mathematicians out there). Where has the time gone? We have always prided ourselves on being pioneers and leading the way in the games we offer. We were the first social baseball venue in Birmingham, the first social Curling venue in Birmingham and the first PitPat (aka crazy golf / table golf) venue not just in Birmingham but in the UK. Bigger brands keep an eye on what we do and usually copy it. However we take this as a compliment. Thats why as we are on the eve of launching our brand new game (again, the first in Birmingham) a...

Mar 08, 2023

Because we love you lot so much Bab, The Floodgate is introducing our FloodStar program! What the hell is a Floodstar? Floodstars are loyalty points collected for every hard earned £pound you spend at The Floodgate, the more you spend the more you earn. To kick things off, our first offer is very simple, collect 20 Floodstars get 50% off your food order, simples! We will be launching more Floodstar offers through the Spring so keep your eyes peeled for those shooting (Flood) Stars as and when they launch.

Feb 20, 2023

1) Record a TikTok at The Floodgate during your visit, Playing Baseball, Curling, PitPat or even just having a drink & food with your friends, they all count. 2) Tag & Follow TheFloodgateBirmingham 3) Use hashtag #FloodTok 3) Sit back and wait for your prize

Feb 06, 2023

The best bar to watch the Six Nations in Birmingham. If you are a rugby fan and close to Digbeth there is only one place to catch all the action in UHD 4k. It is of course The Floodgate. Get yourselves down to the best craft beer pub in The West Midlands. 



Jan 04, 2023

As the old creeky door closes on 2022 the new door opens to 2023. Hopefully you have made some achievable resolutions to get you started into the new year. Hopefully dry january is not one of them.

Jan 01, 2023

Hello Ballers, we hope you are well. Thank you for booking Bealchers Baseball, we look forward to welcoming you to The Floodgate. By booking Baseball you will have ticked to agree to the below waiver prior to payment. Please note to play Baseball at The Floodgate you will be required to agree to the waiver. You will also be reminded of your agreement to the waiver when you arrive at the venue. If you are booking on behalf of a group, please ensure that the below is shared with them.

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Fancy yourself as the next MLB star or even the next Birmingham bobcat? Well, you have come to the right place. With 6 amazing batting cages you will be able to swing for glory.



The Floodgate are thrilled to offer the UK’s first and only PitPat. What is PitPat you may ask? Well, If billiards and mini golf had a baby it would become PitPat.



Welcome to the one and only indoor & outdoor Curling lanes in Birmingham. The UV lights, rainbow slinkys, and pumping music await you



We have a large number of indoor/outdoor seating & tables throughout the venue. These seats can be used for gamers, spectators, drinkers, diners, and everything in between. They are on a first come first serve basis. Please contact us if you require a table booking (large groups only).

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