Posted on Oct 20, 2021

Amazing Street Food Birmingham

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Amazing Street Food Birmingham

That Friday feeling comes in all shapes and sizes. Do we go “out-out”? Or do we stay in and get a takeaway? I am pretty certain in this new normal era we are all itching to go “out-out”, and who can blame us right?

There is something satisfying about indulging in a take away though. We are all guilty of it, that hankering for a greasy cheeseburger, kebab, or curry on a Friday night after a long week's graft and eating healthy, cooking for yourself the same meals that you make week in week out. The chance to rip open that bag and get stuck in and eat with our hands unapologetically is just too satisfying.

It’s no wonder why street food in Birmingham has become the huge craze that it has. It’s that magic combo of a take away while your “out-out” for the night with friend and family. The perfect combination right?

I’m not talking about getting a McDonald's in-between pubs or a hairy kebab on the way home from the club, I’m talking about being out for a meal that you can enjoy as you would in the comfort of your own home but with a bartender not too far away to knock up an ice-cold beer or a funky cocktail whilst you indulge in something handcrafted by a culinary wizard that cooks because he/she/they love what they do so much that they wanted to perfect every dodgy takeaway they have had to present something that melts in your mouth and leaves you wanting more.

The nightlife in Birmingham has been sculpted to ensure that you are never too far away from one of these fast food craftsmen. So much so that the thought of street food has been elevated to the forefront of our minds.
It would be fair to say the hotspot for street food in Birmingham is centered around its creative quarter Digbeth. Home to the renowned Digbeth Dining Club where any street food trader worth their salt has fought tooth and nail to claim a concession.
But there are more venues in the area that offer street food that rival that of DDC, if you look around and follow your nose you won’t have to venture too far. That said The Floodgate Birmingham has been very fortunate to bag one of the finest street food vendors Digbeth or even Birmingham has to offer.
Ellie May’s Food Truck serves up creative loaded fries and burgers to die for, whether you are vegan veggie gluten-free or a fierce meaty eater you will not be disappointed with their offering. They can be found in The Yard at The Floodgate on Floodgate Street where they are nestled in amongst awesome games and crazy street art.
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