Posted on Oct 09, 2021

AU Vodka & CurlClub, The Perfect Combination?

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AU Vodka & CurlClub, The Perfect Combination?

What else can we say other than The Floodgate regulars love AU Vodka! This innovative spirit not only tastes amazing but looks great too, AU really walks the walk and talks the talk.

Released in 2015 AU combines their British heritage and luxury ingredients together to create truly exceptional ultra-premium vodka. Recognized instantly by their signature gold bottle, Au Vodka is for those who choose individuality over a common following. Au’s signature smooth taste and distinct flavoring are perfect on the rocks or in a martini, breathing character to any cocktail.

Breaking onto the scene in 2019 Au combined its award-winning recipe with the highest quality black grapes to create a sweet & unique vodka. Blending the finest British black grapes with natural spring water from deep in the South Downhills. Au Black Grape is sippable on the rocks, paired with lemonade.

Out of the blocks in 2020, Au has combined its award-winning recipe with natural fruit juices and flavours to create a unique tropical sensation. Au Fruit Punch’s exotic taste is perfect over ice or paired with lemonade, truly encapsulating the taste of summer.

Another entry in 2020; Gold symbolising power and perfection represents the exceptional taste of our Au Blue Raspberry. We have combined our award-winning vodka with a unique fruit fusion creating a sweet and unique blue vodka.

Last but not least in 2021; Gold symbolising power and perfection represents the exceptional taste of our Au Green Watermelon. We have combined our award-winning five times distilled vodka with juicy watermelon to create a refreshing & mouthwatering taste.

A little bit of background on AU;

Remember Charlie Morgan, the ballboy who got kicked by Eden Hazard during a Carabao Cup semi-final clash when Swansea hosted Chelsea? He now owns AU Vodka.

Cast your minds back to January 23, 2013, a then 17-year-old Morgan held on to the ball too long when Chelsea was awarded a corner, which resulted in Hazard kicking him in an attempt to retrieve the ball. The Belgian star was sent off, Swansea went on to win the League Cup and the rest is history.

Charlie Morgan owns AU Vodka alongside his close friend Jackson Quinn. Charlie Sloth is also a partial owner of the company. To celebrate the launch of their new grape edition, Sloth recruited Fredo (and a private jet) for a luxurious-themed advertising campaign.

Their name ‘incorporates the periodic table where gold is a chemical element with the symbol Au and atomic number 79’.

AU Vodka is one of a few alcohol-owned brands backed by UK rappers, joining Verset vodka, which is backed by Wretch 32.

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