Posted on Oct 20, 2021

Best Beer Gardens in Birmingham

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Best Beer Gardens in Birmingham

A new dawn is looming. It has been a long cold winter, almost as if Birmingham's nightlife has been in hibernation if you will. The bones are stiff and the mind is a haze from a lockdown that seems to have lasted an eternity.

There is hope! The most recent announcement from dear old Boris Johnson has cracked a lid on what’s in store for Birmingham nights out. It’s almost like the turning of a New Year. We have a road map that with a bit of luck will welcome not only the nights out in Brum that we remember but new experiences that Birmingham has to offer too.
So who are you?? “Let's tiptoe and take it easy” or are you “straight outta the gate” and chomping at the bit to get back out into the world to experience everything immediately.? First things first, we need to navigate the rules to ensure a Covid Secure re-birth of social society so that we can successfully put lockdown behind us for good once and for all.
So what are your options for a Covid Secure night out in Birmingham? Perhaps a game of five a side with the lads you have not seen in a gazillion years? Or a girl's night BBQ around your bestie's place? Or perhaps that is not enough and the yearning to get spruced up don the glad rags and head out to a bar to have an ice-cold drink made by a bartender and some food cooked by a stranger.....oooh the excitement.
Even though restrictions are easing options are still very limited and indeed weather dependant. Everyone’s first thought is the local pub’s beer garden, and rightly so, It has been the cornerstone of many Sunday afternoons for a generation or two but has its limitations, noisy main roads, car parks, wheelie bins. Perhaps you might get one with a bit of greenery and a river but they are few.
If the park or the beer garden does not quite cut the mustard for you and you desire something far more exciting, high energy, and creative then a trip to The Custard Factory in Digbeth to take in some of the street art is what you need.
With Digbeth having well and truly stamped its mark as Birmingham's creative quarter, The Custard Factory is home to the most entertaining venues that the UK has ever seen from Digbeth Dining Club to Ghetto Golf and Roxy’s. However as indoor socializing is not allowed until well into May at the earliest these venues will not be open.
All is not lost! Nestled in between these creative entertaining hot spots is the jewel in The Custard Factory’s crown. Home to Digbeth's largest beer garden “The Yard” like none you have ever seen. An eye-catching colourful 5000sqft of outdoor space that boasts experiential activities such as Bleachers Baseball Batting Cages and Curl Club Curling Lanes, street food and cocktails which adds a new twist on an old hat beer garden like never before.
The colourful up-cycled shipping containers provide warm sheltered seating for you to kick back and enjoy an ice-cold drink with friends while spectating the curling and baseball. If you're feeling competitive you could try your hand at it....looser buys the beers.
After working up an appetite you can chow down on the best street food Digbeth has to offer from Ellie May’s food truck. Street food in Birmingham has become one of the most sought-after pass times of recent years and The Floodgate has handpicked the finest vendor around. By serving up creative loaded fries and juicy meaty burgers you will not go home hungry.
‘The Yard” has been masterfully painted by Birmingham’s very own and world-renowned street artist “Gent48” who has crafted eye catching graffiti for you to take in while sipping on cocktails and craft beers. With the warmth and sunshine of springtime peeking its head out you can enjoy Birmingham's best beer garden with your friends and family who if it wasn’t for zoom you would have forgotten what they looked like.
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