Posted on Oct 09, 2021

Best Dating Ideas In Birmingham

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Best Dating Ideas In Birmingham

As Bob Dylan once said; 'The times they are a-changin'. Not only the seasons but restrictions start to lift, and life starts to resemble normality. Now is the perfect time for dating again. Why not spend your date in Digbeth? Whether you are local or looking for the perfect destination for a weekend break or staycation, Birmingham offers unique date night ideas for you and your partner.

 Whether you are an established couple or someone that wants to impress your partner, dating is important.

Dating is an essential part of establishing a relationship and sharing an experience that creates a lasting bond. It is also important to maintain romance in established couples, as lack of romance is the main cause of divorce or break up according to Denise Limongello, a licensed psychotherapist.

However, it could be difficult to come up with creative ways to spend a date.

Research suggests that a successful date depends on interpersonal skills and situational factors such as where the date took place (1). We at The Floodgate cannot help with your interpersonal skills but we can provide the perfect setting for the perfect date.

Why not take a romantic stroll to Digbeth into The Floodgate where you can spark the romance by sharing a unique dating experience?

At The Floodgate, we can offer a date idea with a difference. You can experience upbeat music while sipping on delicious cocktails. For couples that want an adventurous date, you can book one of the three games within the venue. For a more romantic date, book one of our curling lanes. Couples that want a quirky date may want to try out Pit Pat that offers UV lights and graffiti. Lovers that are after a fun date can book a baseball cage where you can practice the classic Patrick Swayze “Ghost” move to get up and close to your partner. We are sure that any of the above games will help you to perfect your flirting skills and impress a date. Whether you would like a romantic date night or inject some joy in the relationship, we at The Floodgate can offer great fun as you and your date will have great fun either way.

We hope we have given you inspiration for some competitive dating to get the competitive juices flowing.

Lukas Holschuh (2014) 'What Determines the Success of First Dates? Psycho-Social Factors that Impact Mate Choice in Pre-Mating Encounters', Inquiries Journal, 6(12), pp. 1-3 [Online]. Available at: (Accessed: 26/08/2021).

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Fancy yourself as the next MLB star or even the next Birmingham bobcat? Well, you have come to the right place. With 6 amazing batting cages you will be able to swing for glory.



The Floodgate are thrilled to offer the UK’s first and only PitPat. What is PitPat you may ask? Well, If billiards and mini golf had a baby it would become PitPat.



Welcome to the one and only indoor & outdoor Curling lanes in Birmingham. The UV lights, rainbow slinkys, and pumping music await you



We have a large number of indoor/outdoor seating & tables throughout the venue. These seats can be used for gamers, spectators, drinkers, diners, and everything in between. They are on a first come first serve basis. Please contact us if you require a table booking (large groups only).

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