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Posted on Apr 11, 2024

Birmingham's Best Value Night Out: Why Floodgate Reigns Supreme

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Birmingham's Best Value Night Out: Why Floodgate Reigns Supreme

We have been busy at Floodgate Towers trying to concoct the best offers for Spring/Summer 2024 and we think we smashed it.

Drum roll please, launching Friday 12th, The Floodgate officially becomes the cheapest night (or day) out in Birmingham. Our Spring Fling offers up to 50% of (almost) everything! Yes you heard that right, Games, Drinks & Food. And there are no time limits, its all day every day until further notice. Does that include Saturdays i hear you say, yes it does! So get your fine selves down to digbeth and make those discounted memories.  


Birmingham boasts a vibrant nightlife scene, but for an experience unlike any other, The Floodgate stands out as the undisputed champion. Here's why your next night out in the city should be at The Floodgate:

Unforgettable Activities: Forget the standard club routine. The Floodgate is all about interactive fun. Challenge your friends to a thrilling game of Bleachers Baseball, test your strategic skills at the CurlClub, or putt your way through a quirky course of PitPat (think mini golf meets pool!). These aren't your average bar games – they're immersive experiences that get everyone involved and the laughter flowing.

Creative Atmosphere: Step into The Floodgate and be transported to a world of vibrant energy. Eye-catching graffiti art sets the scene, while upbeat music keeps the mood electric. It's a space that sparks conversation and fuels friendly competition.

Delicious Food and Drinks: Don't let the focus on fun fool you – The Floodgate offers a fantastic selection of food and drinks to keep you fueled throughout the night. Whether you're craving a satisfying burger or a refreshing cocktail, their menu has something for everyone. Plus, with 50% off drinks on specific nights (check their website!), you can enjoy delicious refreshments without breaking the bank.

Something for Everyone: The beauty of The Floodgate is its inclusivity. Whether you're a group of friends seeking a lively night of competition, a couple looking for a unique date experience, or even a family seeking some active entertainment, The Floodgate caters to all.

Memorable Moments: The Floodgate isn't just about the night itself; it's about creating lasting memories. The combination of interactive games, delicious food and drinks, and a vibrant atmosphere ensures you'll have a night filled with laughter, friendly competition, and stories to tell.

Beyond the Hype: Birmingham has nightclubs and pubs, but The Floodgate offers an experience that goes beyond the typical. It's a place where you can be active, social, and create memories that will leave you wanting to come back for more. So, ditch the ordinary and dive into the extraordinary – your next epic Birmingham night out awaits at The Floodgate!

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The Floodgate are thrilled to offer the UK’s first and only PitPat. What is PitPat you may ask? Well, If billiards and mini golf had a baby it would become PitPat.



Welcome to the one and only indoor & outdoor Curling lanes in Birmingham. The UV lights, rainbow slinkys, and pumping music await you



We have a large number of indoor/outdoor seating & tables throughout the venue. These seats can be used for gamers, spectators, drinkers, diners, and everything in between. They are on a first come first serve basis. Please contact us if you require a table booking (large groups only).

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