Posted on May 05, 2021

Curl Club @ The Floodgate

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Curling Rules

Chess on ice was invented in Scotland in the 16th century and is popular in the UK as well as countries to which Scots have exported it, including Sweden, Canada, the USA, New Zealand & Switzerland. Over the years it has surged in popularity and developed a cult following from the Winter Olympics.

The object of the Game

Curling has similarities to bowls and shuffleboard (deck) and involves sliding granite stones, also called rocks, into a target area at the other end of a long, thin, strip of ice which constitutes the “pitch”. The team that propels their rocks closest to the center of the target scores points accordingly, with the path of the stone influenced by team members who brush the ice in order to alter its speed or curl. Curling at CurlClub requires no ice & no brushes so you can have all the fun without the technical effort.

Players & Equipment

Curling at CurlClub is played between two teams of varying numbers. Using our modified Curling Stones that allow you to glide the stones without the ice. Each stone weighs about 4kgs on average (much lighter than the real granite stones which can weigh up to 20kgs.). The “pitch” is a flat, smooth area of plastic measuring 10m long and 2m wide. There is a “house” at the end, a circular target made up of a blue outer circle, a white circle inside that, and a red circle.

In the Winter Olympics the Players also usually use gloves, specific curling trousers, and a stopwatch to better understand the pace of the ice and the need for sweeping. However, at CurlClub you can wear what you want, drink a cocktail and listen to some classic tunes (all against the official rules).


Scoring is done after each team have thrown all four stones with whichever team is closest to the center of the house being awarded a point. Further points are awarded for each stone of theirs that is closer than the best of the oppositions. In order to score any points at least one stone must be “in the house”, which is to say touching any of the circles or overhanging them (due to the shape of the stones).

Winning the Game

The game is won by the team that scores the most points after your time is up. If the scores are level after the allotted number of ends then an extra sudden-death end is played. Maybe wager a pint of Bleacher's beer on it or even a PitPat PornStar Martini.

Rules of Curling

  • Teams take it in turns to curl 4 stones towards the target area with the scores being counted after all 8 stones have been sent down the plastic (/ice).
  • Matches have a time limit of 30 OR 60 minutes (or longer if you wish)
  • The stone must be released its front edge crosses a line called the hog. Please slide and do not throw the stones (it's not bowling)
  • The good news, no sweeping required.
  • The team to go first is decided by coin toss, “draw-to-the-button” contest or, in Olympic competition using win-loss records.
  • A team may concede if they feel they cannot win, although depending on the event and stage of the event they may have to wait until a certain number of games have been completed.
  • Fair play is of huge importance so there is a culture of self-refereeing.
  • That's it, so good luck and get Curling.


If you are a Curling addict you can find the full rules here & If you want a taste of Curling at CurlClub (without the ice) go here.

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