Posted on Oct 09, 2021

D For Digbeth & D For Diplomatico Rum

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D For Digbeth & D For Diplomatico Rum

In 1963 The Crystals famously sang; 'Da Doo Run Run' or was it 'Da Doo Rum Rum'?

The historic sweet spirit made from sugar cane has seen a comeback in recent years and is a firm favorite at The Floodgate. An ingredient in winter warmer cocktails to summer thirst quenchers it really is the best all-rounder, Just like Crickets Jason Holder.

When we think of Rum, Diplomático always springs to mind. This is for many reasons, not only is it one of the best Rums on the market but it is an independant business, just like The Floodgate. We are passionate to champion small, independant businesses which encapsulates the spirit of Birmingham and especially Digbeth. There is no better people to put love and passion into a product or service than the owners themselves. This ensures a true experience as it was intended. Whether this is from a Diplomático persepctive from field to bottle or The Floodgate persective from nuts and bolts to baseball cages.

So next time you are passing The Custard Factory, swing by Floodgate Street and taste a hand crafted masterpiece.


Diplomático is a rum passionately crafted by our Maestros Roneros, using their expertise in combining modern and traditional distillation methods to produce exceptional rums for demanding palates. Every drop is infused with a rich and treasured heritage that comes from the heart and reaches out to yours.

Diplomático’s identity is forged on a commitment to quality and putting passion and heart into making rums. We are an independent, family-owned brand that controls the whole production process from field to bottle to create superb quality rums.
We value quality and authenticity to produce the finest rums, we take care of our people and local community and protect the environment with our sustainable production practices.

The Family

We are an independent, family-owned brand that controls the whole production process from field to bottle to create superb quality rums. Family is part of Diplomático’s identity. We put people first in everything we do and strive to create a Diplomático community around the world that reflects our values and commitments.

The Distillery

Diplomático’s distillery lies at the foot of the Andes Mountains in Venezuela, where the purest of waters run to make the very best of rums. Its location was also carefully selected for its close proximity to the main sugar processing plants in the area.

Established in 1959, Licorerías Unidas S.A (LUSA) owned the distillery through its main shareholder, Seagram’s International, one of the largest wines and spirits companies in the world.

In 2002, LUSA was sold to a group of Venezuelan entrepreneurs and became a 100% privately owned Venezuelan company taking its current name: Destilerías Unidas S. A. (DUSA). The company is proud to be an independent, family-owned operator.

The distillery is unique as it houses 3 different distillation processes which, when combined in blending delivers unique rums such as Diplomatico’s Reserva Exclusiva, an acclaimed rum worldwide.

The Sugar Cane Fields

DUSA uses up to ten varieties of sugar cane, however, there are 3 varieties that we use most of the time: Romana, Venezuela, and Canal Point. Diplomático is also supporting Fundacaña Venezuela, a foundation for the development and investigation of the area, who granted the name “Diplomatica” to a new variety of sugar cane after 10 years of research and tests.

The Fermentation Process

Diplomático rums are made from sugar cane molasses and sugar cane honeys; molasses is used to produce light rums and sugar cane honeys for more complex rums. The distillery sources molasses with a high concentration of sugar, but with a low ash content and low viscosity.

DUSA cultivates and maintains its own yeast strain, which is used to convert sugar into alcohol. Light rums made from molasses require a short fermentation, around a day. Intermediate and complex rums that are made from sugar cane honey, however, will take two days to ferment.

The Distillation Process

Diplomático rums are distilled using a rich variety of methods, including various continuous column stills for light rums, batch kettle for intermediate rums, and pot stills for more complex rums.

The alcohol obtained from the fermentation process is heated, employing the methods mentioned above, to separate its components. The vaporized alcohol is then condensed to form the raw spirit.

This process enables the purification of alcohol and is key in defining the character and profile of each Diplomático rum.

the Aging Process

Diplomático rums are aged in different types of casks, predominantly former bourbon and malt whisky barrels. A selection of Pedro Ximénez and Oloroso Sherry casks is used to finish the Single Vintage and Ambassador rums. For both of these prestige offerings, the rums are placed back into the barrel for an optimum finish after the blending process.

The Blending Process

After the aging process, the Distillery’s Maestro Ronero, Tito Cordero, and his team combine the matured spirit coming from the distinct distillation methods to create unique and complex rums. It is Maestro Ronero’s responsibility to supervise all the production processes, and especially to create rums that capture the best balance and roundness of flavors and aromas.

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