Posted on Oct 20, 2021

Is Date Night In Birmingham A Walk In The Park?

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Is Date Night In Birmingham A Walk In The Park?

Date night blues!

I think we all agree that dating through lockdown has proven to be a bit of a flop. With meeting a blind date, loved one, or an ex-file for a drink and a bite to eat in one of Birmingham’s many bars and restaurants but a distant memory. The pandemic has tested the ingenuity of daters to the max to come up with creative ways to explore the love scene in a covid secure way, but that is wearing thin now.
Is date night in Birmingham a walk in the park?
With restrictions tightened to the max daters are left with very little to do but to meet their prospective newbie in the local park for a socially distanced walk where the weather is your enemy and the lack of toilets can find you cut short. You might say it’s a totally underwhelming experience, to say the least.
Tinder, bumble but hands-off no fumble!
Even if you are lucky enough to hit it off with a new flame after a swipe, messaging, a zoom call, and 50 laps around the park, how do you escalate that to the next level? With the risk of infection being passed between each other and even the flip side of it is illegal to be in contact with someone outside of your bubble singletons have most likely been among the largest group of sufferers of loneliness and mental grief that surrounds this covid disaster.
Date night out in Birmingham 
So after months of frustration, heartache, and loneliness, where are you going to go for a date night with a difference when restrictions start to ease on the 12th of April? The park will be substituted for a bar with a beer garden, small steps but at leases its a start. Food and drink made and brought to your table by someone other than yourself, imagine that. This leaves you all the time in the world to gaze into your loved one's eyes without distraction and of course a loo nearby for that nervous pee if needed. Woop Woop, normality almost resumes.
Date night with a difference. 
Although the local beer garden is a huge step up from a zoom call or the park it still lacks the wow factor that you could impress your date with. It’s 2021 now people we have suffered a lot of sacrifices this past year so let's get creative. Drink and do has been creeping onto everyone's radar for the past couple of years now, what a great way to help with the awkward silences. There is no better place to do this than Birmingham’s very own The Floodgate, home to a multitude of activities to try your hand with to impress your date and test their competitive side.
Don’t despair or delay get your date night out in Birmingham organized from the 12th of April. Love won’t wait.
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