Posted on Jun 15, 2021

The First Digbeth Date They Won't Forget

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The First Digbeth Date They Won't Forget

The world of dating can be weird, it can be wonderful, it can be exciting, but what you want the most, is for your first date to be unforgettable. By that, we mean in all the right ways of course. Why might you ask? Because the first impression really does count, and if you get that first date right then the rest is history. The number one obstacle with the first date is to come up with an awesome date night idea. Here at The Floodgate, we got you covered! If you’re looking for a date night in Birmingham look no further. We provide said awesome ideas every day and night, all you gotta do is book that date in the diary and get yourself down here.

Once you and your date have spruced yourselves up and made your way to our front doors, we advise that you start the evening (the ‘getting to know yous’) with banging cocktails. There are many to choose from, if you’re not the shy sort you can go straight in with the ‘Tap That’ or ‘Slipping Into 3rd’ cocktails. If you’re more the reserved sort we have ‘The Strike Out’ or ‘The Great Bambino’ but to name a few, along with the old favs like ‘Pina Coladas’ and ‘Mojitos’ which can do no wrong in my book. A couple of cocktails later, maybe you guys fancy some food? Look no further, we have an array of street eats suitable for meat-eaters, veggies, and vegans alike. This selection of delicious street food will have your date impressed and ready to get their game on!

Now you guys are fed and watered and know a bit more about each other, it’s time to up the ante and get involved in some healthy competitiveness. Sweep them off their feet with a game of Curling. Show your date your tactical mindset and ballet-like balance on the ice, amidst the background of awesome graffiti art and great tunes. The conversation will be flowing with competitive quips and repartees throughout and the time is going to fly. Grab a few more drinks and by the end of the night, you’ll be whispering sweet nothings in each other's ears! If you are up for more games then try a game of PitPat to see who’s the secret PitPat legend between the two of you, or Strike it lucky with Bleachers baseball. There are lots to do, to keep yourself and your date occupied all night.

If you like the sound of the above, and love the idea of a special date night to remember, you know what to do, get yourself down to The Floodgate for an unforgettable first date spot here in Birmingham. Leave a great mark first impression, that sparks a second date or the romance of a lifetime. For all you old school romantics out there it all can start right here! 

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The Floodgate are thrilled to offer the UK’s first and only PitPat. What is PitPat you may ask? Well, If billiards and mini golf had a baby it would become PitPat.



Welcome to the one and only indoor & outdoor Curling lanes in Birmingham. The UV lights, rainbow slinkys, and pumping music await you



We have a large number of indoor/outdoor seating & tables throughout the venue. These seats can be used for gamers, spectators, drinkers, diners, and everything in between. They are on a first come first serve basis. Please contact us if you require a table booking (large groups only).

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