Posted on Feb 10, 2021

Personality Types To Match Our Games

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Personality Types To Match Our Games

After dedicating hours of research and technical know-how, we at The Floodgate have decided to come up with the ideal games to match your personality type. The team has spent months of dedicated research, in order to put together the main three personality types, which we can match to our games. Are you ready for this folks? 

The Swaggerette: This individual has style, flare you may also call it, and they make what they do look effortless. There are two types of Swaggerette, the first is the person who puts ‘Swagger’ in this personality type. They seem to glide through every game like it was made for them. How do they do it? It must be a natural talent, well sometimes it really is, but also sometimes behind the scenes certain Swaggerettes have spent their time making sure that they understand the rules of the game, maybe they have even played it before, or watched some youtube videos on it, even PRACTICED before they came out. Either way, this person makes it look like a walk in the park no matter what. If they don’t they slug it out, dig their heels in and stay focussed, active and keep trying. This is what we like to call the Sluggererette, he/she still gets the job done with a tad bit of effort, doesn’t stop - even if sometimes they are terrible - but guess what they still look good doing it. - Suggested game Bleachers Baseball

The Tactician Can be found with a notebook and or rulebook to hand and pencil behind the ear -  this type of person doesn’t jump straight in, they much prefer to take a cautious calculated approach to situations. They can be, at the start of the game, very quiet. They like to take in the peripheral of the game. Once they have their target in sight and their fellow competitors in the palm of their hands they love to brag about how taking a measured approach gets results. This ‘measured approach’ can linger on an overindulgence when it is their turn in the game, but it is forgiven by their witty humor which always saves the day, another tactic of theirs? We were not able to confirm or deny this trait. - Suggested game PitPat

The Guru is charming, caring, and has a light and calming effect on his or her teammates. Seems to know a lot about this particular game. Is incredibly technical, don’t let the title fool you, this type of person stops at nothing in order to make the most finite of details count, but it’s never enough, there’s always room for improvement, this person is never happy. If you are on their team lookout, as The Guru will give you their guidance of the situation, the rules, and what he or she thinks is the best action to take and The Guru always knows best. - Suggested game Curling

If you can identify yourself or any of your mates in one or all of these, then you know what to do. Pick em, and get yourself down to the Floodgate for some fun n games in Birmingham.

Bring out that Guru in you, or that Swaggerette in your date or even The Tactician's in your Nan and Grandad there’s something for everybody! Book now at The Floodgate - let the games begin.

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