Posted on Dec 19, 2023

A Pub Worker's Guide to a Merry Christmas

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A Pub Worker's Guide to a Merry Christmas

Deck the Halls with Pints and Cheers


Hey there, barkeep heroes! Christmas is nearly upon us, and while the rest of the world is decking their halls with holly and mistletoe, you're likely gearing up for a season of festive frenzy in the merry pandemonium known as the pub. If you're anything like our Floodgate Elves this season then you certainly deserve a visit from the red hairy fluffy guy this Christmas. 


Fear not, my beer-slinging brethren! While Christmas in the pub may be a whirlwind of orders, singalongs, and questionable dance moves, it can also be a magical time filled with heartwarming moments, epic stories, and enough merriment to rival Santa's workshop. So, grab your apron, polish the Guinness glasses, and let's navigate this holly-Jolly pub crawl together.


1. Embrace the Festive Chaos:

Let's face it, Christmas in the pub isn't about perfectly folded napkins and whispered conversations. It's about overflowing laughter, impromptu carols belted at full volume, and stories taller than even the Christmas tree. Embrace the mayhem! Wear that tinsel-covered waistcoat with pride, belt out "Last Christmas" even if you haven't memorized the lyrics, and join in the festive fun. Remember, you're the conductor of this holiday orchestra, ensuring everyone has a memorable (and slightly tipsy) night.


2. Spread the Yuletide Cheer (and Maybe a Few Beers):

Christmas is all about spreading joy, and what better way to do that than through the perfect pint? Master the art of the festive pour, from creamy hot chocolates for chilly souls to expertly layered B-52s for the adventurous. Recommend your warmest winter tipples with a smile, listen to people's Christmas woes with a sympathetic ear, and be the jolly cheerleader of the bar. Your enthusiasm will be contagious, spreading more Christmas cheer than a fruitcake factory.


3. Brace Yourself for the Holiday Rush:

Office parties, family gatherings, and festive cheer will bring people flooding through your doors. Be prepared for the surge! Stock up on coal (that is, extra mince pies), have emergency toilet roll stashed just in case, and learn to decipher the hand signals of over-exuberant revelers. Remember, you're a master of crowd control, a guardian of good cheer, and a magician who can conjure endless bottles of prosecco from thin air.


4. Find the Magic in the Mundane:

Amidst the pint juggling and napkin folding, remember the true magic of Christmas. The clinking of glasses with friends old and new, the heartwarming singalongs around the piano, the quiet moments shared between strangers over a shared love of eggnog. These are the moments that make working in a pub at Christmas special. So, savor the laughter, soak up the stories, and remember, you're the keeper of Christmas cheer in your corner of the world.


5. Don't Forget to Take a Breather (and Maybe a Nap):

Christmas may be the season of giving, but remember to give yourself a bit of TLC too. Grab a quick bite between orders, steal a moment of peace in the staff room, and don't hesitate to delegate when things get hectic. You can't pour joy from an empty glass, so make sure yours stays full of festive spirit and maybe a dash of caffeine.


So, raise a glass, my pub-worker warriors! Here's to a Christmas filled with festive cheers, heartwarming moments, and enough stories to rival Charles Dickens himself. Remember, you're the Santa Claus of the suds, the Queen of the cocktails, the King of the karaoke, and the keeper of Christmas cheer. Merry Christmas, and may your holidays be as merry and bright as a perfectly poured pint!


Remember to add your own personal touch and adapt the tone to the pub and its workers! Make it funny, relatable, and full of festive spirit. Cheers!

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