Posted on Oct 09, 2021

Who Fancies 'Havana' Try Of Our Rum-Bull?

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Who Fancies 'Havana' Try Of Our Rum-Bull?

If there is one thing we know at The Floodgate is that our customers want quality. That's why we only source the best drinks from around the world to bring to you. So whether you are playing Baseball, Curling or Crazy Golf you know there will only be quality ingredients in your glass.

One of the undoubted rum champions is of course Havana Club. As a fantastic sugar cane spirit that instantly transports you to the Caribbean, you can even swap Barbados for Birmingham, minus the weather.

One of the best sellers is our Rum-Bull, a generous helping of Havana Club & Red Bull. This concoction will turbocharge your evening and may even give you the energy to hit that Home Run in Bleachers Baseball or that hole in one in PitPat Crazy Golf, remeber it's all about the marginal gains.

A little bit about Havana Club;

Shaped by Cuban climate, geography, history, and people, rum is an essential part of the nation’s culture. As its finest expression, the Havana Club range represents this rich heritage. Produced by Maestros del Ron Cubano following traditional Cuban methods, enjoyed by Cantineros and rum drinkers around the world to the rhythm of the best Cuban music, Havana Club embodies the spirit of Cuba.

The values of Havana Club are best represented by the Maestros del Ron Cubano. This is not a job taught in textbooks. As Don José Navarro, the premier Maestro del Ron Cubano put it, it is “a cultural heritage, passed on from Maestro to Maestro”. For 15 long years, the aspiring Maestro undergoes rigorous training. Under the supervision of a senior Maestro del Ron Cubano, he learns to select the best molasses, supervise their fermentation and distillation, pick the best casks to age the distillates and blend them to obtain the finest rums. A Maestro del Ron Cubano is a true master of his craft.

“What makes our rums special? It’s the unique ingredients that nature has provided: rich sugar cane, fertile soil, the perfect tropical climate that gave Cuba the nickname “the isle of rum”. It’s the people: from the harvesters to the workers in our distillery to the master rum-maker, all driven by a passion for this Cuban tradition. And it’s also time, for every single one of our rums is aged for at least three years. Is it worth it? We think so.
“Cuban rum has its own specificities that are very hard to replicate anywhere else than in Cuba.”
Don Juan Carlos Gonzalez, Maestro del Ron Cubano”

Our three best-selling rums embody the Cuban light rum style, with its lightness and freshness paired with the complexity and elegance that comes from natural tropical ageing. Each undergoes a distinct ageing process to release the optimum flavours for specific cocktails or simply for sipping.

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